Friday, January 13, 2012

The Marriage of Love Bites and Share the Love

So here we are in the new year! For all the pain that 2011 brought me, I
am forever thankful for the journey it forced me to take and for the
amazing people it introduced me to. 2012 is an opportunity to continue
growing and evolving and sharing the love.

I've made the decision to not make a New Year's resolution, but to be more
careful and cautious in future relationships. I've always believed that
passion, drive and determination must be the leading reasons for any
relationship, be it personal or professional.

For our new line of clothing, we employ the same boldness and honesty.
We have created a brand of apparel that speaks to both the optimist and the
pessimist about love that are in each of us on any given day.

Moving forward at Share the Love, a caffeine-induced brainstorming
session led to the idea of taking our clothing on the road and driving across
the country, selling apparel at college campuses. If you attend college in a
state between Georgia and California and want to buy our goods fresh off
the truck, hit me up at Details to follow.

Moving forward at Love Bites, I've made the decision to combine my
greatest loves in an online forum that will allow all of you to become
more involved in our growing community. I welcome your thoughts and ideas.

2012 is not about reinvention, but rather improving oneself and learning
from the past. I wish you all a happy New Year, and, as always,
we encourage your input on Share the Love and Love Bites!

With Love,

P.S. Have you heard, our online clothing store is finally open for business!

In keeping with our edgy and bold message, and inspired by our love of Miami, is the sister wild child to Love Bites. Alive with fun and vibrant designs, each piece of Share the Love clothing stands alone, marked by individuality, a colorful appeal and a cheeky sense of humor.

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