Friday, January 13, 2012

The Man is Back

Well here we go again. It’s been some time since I've written on here. I have totally lost interest in sharing my thoughts & stories, but I figured I'd write a little. At one time I actually thought that writing would help answer some questions women have, but so much have changed. It seems many just like clicking "like" on quotes, and most never even take the time to read the blog any more. I have always been upfront and honest and could care less of hurting your feelings. I say & do the things you're to scared to do or try... if you came here looking for someone to tell you the world is full of puppies and fairytales, your in the wrong fucking place!! I’m back for a limited time and not sure what the future holds for me.

I have grown to a point in which I have no feelings for anyone I date or meet. It seems more of a routine to me nowadays. The Internet has totally fucked me up. Its way too easy to say and do just enough to gain interest and get what I want. But let's face it; I'm not getting what I really want. I want to find someone with common interests who can keep things as exciting as I can. But why is it I can't find them all in one person? Let me give a few example dates: Meet, have drinks, get wasted, have sex, and 90% of the time say, "I have to work early, and go home". Next: meet, have dinner, and say "I would love to take my time with this one" and finally after a short period of time, get bored... or see they are the jealous type, and I make excuses and move on. It seems I can't just find one who does it all for me anymore!! It takes a few, and that sucks! I met one: Super cool, pretty, great sex drive, but no ass (and I'm an ass guy). Would it be wrong to buy her a butt, and some tits? Some may say that’s just so wrong, but hey.... I may just stay with her. If she only knew!! Then there are the ones I like, take my time... and when it goes sexual, it just isn’t right!! Grrrr!!

You may call me a dick, or say I'm superficial, but I like someone in shape! And who has a sex drive and knows how to use it! Most women want money, success, and a motivated man, I just want a smart, smokin' hot, barely used hooker type. I could care less what you have, or what you do... as long as you can take care of yourself. Also... I wont have a relationship with someone with 2 kids or more. I may one day want my own or at least have that option! These days women have so many things that alter our views, so we really don’t know what they really look like until it’s too late. (Examples: push-up bras, ass jeans, fake hair, make up, and clothes to transform their bodies into false lies) And you wonder why guys sleep with you once, and never again? Ha!! Now ya know! It was so much easier dating strippers... at least there I saw the goodies before I got em'. Now I got to blow smoke up your ass until I see what you're working with, or you blow it with too much lovey-dovey shit too soon. I honestly don't know how it feels to truly "like" someone anymore. I get let down every time! There is so much more to add to it, but I wont go into details. It’s just way too easy to talk shit to get laid.... I’m tired of talking shit!! I want it to mean something!

Is everyone so fucked up from their past relationships????? You may think I'm totally wrong, but lets see how many of you have been married, divorced, and have kids and still not with that guy. So go ahead and say I'm scared to get hurt, or scared of commitment.... and I'll tell you, No, I just don't want to fuck up my kids life, and raise new strippers, and girls who suck dick on the first date, because of watching mommy dating a ton of guys since daddy. Many of you WANT someone so badly, you lose yourself and you give up your goodies too fast!! And then wonder "where did all the good one's go"? Ummm.... he was the one you fucked after $60.00 of drinks and went home because "he had to work early in the morning" Get mad at me for telling the truth??? Please do!!

The Man

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