Monday, January 30, 2012

Remember Me?

I’m baaaack!!

Whoa…….. What a rollercoaster ride. Time for me to disembark.

Those Biters who have been following for a while would know that I have been MIA for a quite some time.

I’ve been on one hell of a rollercoaster ride for too many months now. Sometimes it was my coaster; sometimes I was a passenger on someone else’s rollercoaster. Didn’t mean it was less scary, but I’m just glad the ride is (fingers crossed) slowing down and coming to an end.

There’s been pregnancies, a complicated birth, friends/partners going overseas, breakups, getting back together, couples moving in together, partner’s moving out, job changes, friends hurting each other, health scares………oh too much. Of course I wanted to write about it, I had permission from one of my fellow rollercoaster rider’s to write about what they were going through but didn’t feel it was the right time. In some fucked up way I can see it coming back on me and I would end up in the shit. So better to let sleeping dogs lie. At least for now.
It’s been pretty ridiculous really. My life used to be drama free, but now it just seems to be one thing after another.

So after a while I came to the conclusion that I needed to look after number one. A change in lifestyle was needed. I moved. I now live with 2 awesome girls in a great unit right across the road from one of the best beaches on the Gold Coast. Everything is within walking distance and it is such a vibrant and alive place. I’m meeting new people. Making new friends. And doing new things. I’m even looking at a scuba diving holiday to Fiji towards the end of the year… Yay… My first real holiday… Ever!!!!! Gotta learn how to scuba dive first… lol

I have always enjoyed my writing so I am going to try and make more time to do it. Surely it won’t be too hard to sit on the balcony overlooking the ocean with a glass of wine and my laptop…. Yeah I think I can make time for that….

Aussie Gal

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