Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tough Love Lessons From The Man

You'll notice that some men and women state "I'm dating a few right now, and they're all wonderful, but there's this ONE that I just can't get... how do I make the one that isn't interested LIKE me?"
This is a curious thing.
We humans always want the approval of the person who doesn't want to give it to us.
Instead of just walking away and saying "your loss", we often chase after them, begging and pleading for their approval... and thinking that we must have done something wrong.
Remember, some people actually ENJOY making other people feel bad. Some men & women actually ENJOY rejecting people. It gives them a feeling of power.
There are some women who will spend all week shopping, two hours putting on their clothing and makeup (and doing their hair), just to go out and get attention from the other sex... so they can reject them, and complain to their friends about what "losers" or "pigs" men are, and how they hate it when men look at them like a "piece of meat". Or on the other hand I've been out with men who think they are "god's gift to women" and do the same.
Let me give you a little "tough love".
Part of growing up, becoming a real man or woman, and getting this area of your life handled is realizing that not everyone is a nice person, and not letting those that aren't nice affect you.
You can reach a point in your life where your attitude become "I do not give anyone permission to take my joy, happiness, and good mood from me".
When you get to this point, then IT DOESN'T MATTER if they don't respond positively to your approach. It doesn't matter if he or she rejects you. It doesn't matter if they don't have a sense of humor. None of this matters when you don't give anyone permission to TAKE YOUR JOY FROM YOU.

My advice: Learn to walk away. Learn to blow it off. Learn how to IMMEDIATELY disconnect and detach from these types of situations, and NOT let them affect you.
The "numbers game" goes both ways. If you start meeting a lot of different people, you will meet quite a few that don't have a sense of humor, aren't friendly, aren't available, etc. You need to learn the skill of keeping your power and joy for yourself, and NEVER giving it to someone you don't even know.
The Man (aka Golden Boy of the moment)

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