Monday, May 2, 2011

Gossip Girl

The Man's post yesterday got me thinking about impulsive and poor decisions made in the heat of the moment. In wasn't all to long ago that I set myself up for complete and utter failure on so many levels when I put myself and my thoughts about personal acquaintances on the world wide web for all to read and gossip about. Naively unaware that my words and actions would have a long lasting effect on my so called friends and strangers alike. I stepped very far out of my comfort zone last summer when I allowed myself to become emotional involved with someone I barely knew.
McDreamy and I lost touch some time ago. I do not regret allowing him to write on this blog in what would appear to be very intimate details at times. It is all part of the permanent reminder of a life once lived and I feel fortunate enough to have walked away a stronger and wiser person.
We all make choices at times that are outside of our comfort zone, not always thinking about the future and possible consequences of those seemingly innocent decisions. Since the breakup with McDreamy I have kept a low profile offline as well as online. But, the main reason my entries on here have basically stopped all together is because I don't want to be the star of gossip girl anymore. I will never allow myself to be so vulnerable ever again and I will never trust anyone but my very inner circle with my most intimate thoughts of the day. This I have learned the hard way never ends well. What you say or do in the heat of the moment can never be erased from memory and to move forward in some cases means walking away from someone who once was the essence of your world.
I must admit I was a bit surprised to hear through the grapevine about the recent love connection via our blog fan page. I was delighted and at times amused by the online public displays of affection and I wish you both the best. Good luck in your long distance love affair.

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