Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sexy Time

For a long time now women have wondered why some guys have sex with them and not talk to them again..While others have one night stands all the time and see nothing wrong with it. Some women want to "wait" for the right time but let me say this...Guys will say/do just about anything to get laid. We all want a committed long-term relationship and have tried all different methods to achieve it. We have tried new and even old techniques and for some of us, nothing has worked. I,myself have even said "if I really like them, I will wait for sex", but here lies a problem. We both wait for whenever we feel the time is right for us, but what if after we wait, it's not what we like? or what if they don't enjoy the same as us?, or if it just dosn't feel right? or if they are not willing to do the things we like and do? We are taught that it's not proper to talk about such issues, but honestly....If we knew this, it may not just be a one time thing.
Women always say guys are just looking to get laid, but what if we want a relationship, but you don't enjoy sex? How about this...We like you, spend whatever time it takes before making a move on you, you/we begin to develop deep feelings for eachother and after we finally have sexual relations it's not what you/I expected? Sure some can learn, but what if it's something that just can't be taught? What if it's a physical thing? Let's say like the guy, you wait and wait til it's "special" and once you finally do it, he has the smallest pecker you've ever seen and it's impossible to achieve satisfaction? Do you continue the relationship? hmmm...doubt it! but some might. (hope you have plenty of toys and that he fills those other voids for you). Have you ever been mad that you gave it up, and he never called you again? Well, sure some guys just want to get laid, but yet others have likes/dislikes they choose not to settle without. Turn the tables, guys need/ want to find the same things you do (for the most part) but the physical level is very important to us. Most women connect on an emotional level before physically. Where as men tend to do the opposite. We know this and do what it takes to build this connection with you.
So where do we go from here? Should we ask a little about the sexuality of someone before the act? I honestly don't know, but sometimes it would clear things up beforehand.I have dated numerous types of women and if you think all are the same, you're dead wrong! Here's a few examples (18 or younger skip this section): some women have a bush from the 70's and refuse to trim Ewww!!, some women have an odor that can't be removed in a pool of bleach or perfume, I'm not a huge guy, but some have a @#$%#$5 that seems to have had a grenade explode inside, while others can't produce lube. And yet others can't achieve an orgasm from sex.(sounds weird, but I've seen this a few times) and there are just some who don't enjoy the act itself. So you wonder why guys "change" sometimes? There are various reasons, but I figured I would try to touch on this today.
Where do we start? When is the right time for these types of questions? Is there ever a "right" time for sex? I think these are only questions we can answer ourselves. We are all different when it comes to this subject, and all have different beliefs, but hopefully we all find someone who fit's exactly what we desire. I know we all build expectations, hopes, and dreams, but what we should do is try to take things for what they are until the time is right.
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