Monday, May 9, 2011

Lost Space

There are so many differences between the thoughts of a man and woman, but I still believe one thing that works for both of us.All relationships go through tests and only the strong survive when pushed to their limits. I usually talk about what dosn't work, but today I want to share something I have know is necessary.
It is worth spending quality time with your loved ones, but, compelling them to stick to you 24 hours is no way to stay in a relationship. Holding on to your relationship selfishly and not letting your spouse be independent could let your relationship turn sour. Many people fail to realize that individuals differ in their approach to life. We should learn to accept each other's differences and give our partners their desired space in the relationship. Giving space is important to maintain a healthy relationship.
Relationships can be compared to sand, since the moment you hold it tightly in your palm, it starts slipping off, and if you hold it loosely, it remains. In a relationship too, you need to learn to hold it loosely and not impose things on your better half. In fact, giving each other enough space is the key for a successful relationship. If you take a look at lasting and successful relationships, you would realize that these couple don't always spend time sticking to each other. They do spend quality time together, but at same time know how important it is to let each other do things the way they like.
Always sticking to each other can really make the relationship boring. Your spouse or partner should be able to miss you. Remember the old saying, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder". Missing each other makes you want each other more and love remains forever.
When you eat too much of sweet stuff, you tend to get sick of it at least for a while. However, if you keep a balance between spicy and sweet, you would enjoy it more. Too much of sweetness or togetherness can also be harmful in a relationship. Thus, it is best to give each other some space to adjust. When your husband is going out fishing with the boys, or having a few beers, you can go shopping or catch up with your friends too. Let this time work for the both of you.
To maintain a good relationship, you can divide your time doing things with your partner and things that you want to do alone or with your friends. You can always plan to spend one day of the week with your friends and the other with your spouse. This way you won't have too much or too less of each other. However, this is again not possible without trusting your partner. Trust forms the basis of every relationship and you need to learn to believe in your partner. Most couples do not give each other space because there is a lack of trust in their relationship. This can only give rise to unwanted quarrels, taking away the charm of your love life.
Space in a relationship is highly recommended to make it last forever. There has to be space for openness that can allow your partner to his or her own stuff without feeling any guilt. Other than loving your spouse, you also need to love yourself and thus you need to take off time to pamper yourself. It is good to maintain your identity and be the person you have always been. This way there is no frustration in the relationship and it works smoothly without hurting anyone's emotions, as the needs of both the partners are taken care of.
If you have experienced any trouble in your relationship, try giving each other some space. Give yourself a chance to miss your spouse. It is important for your better half to miss you and realize the depth of your love. No relationship can work better without giving it the required space. It is the biggest secret of every healthy relationship."no flower can grow in the shade" So try not to smother them, and all greatness will blossom.
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