Sunday, May 8, 2011

Love and Marriage

"A love you have to chase and chase isn't love. It is poison. Let it go and love yourself."

In my most recent hunt for the perfect mate I have expanded my focus and allowed once potential outcasts to be possible new crushes. I've got very little fate in a higher power matchmaker, but I've learned to go into all conversations with new people with an open mind. But, my pessimist outlook on life leaves the glass half empty.
Some of us are born with the idea that happiness can be found in the classifieds. That marriage is followed by children and a new house. While others believe that love and marriage are dead. Trust is for those who believe in ghost adventures. I do not.
I think we all wear our hearts and open ourselves up to environments and people we once said we would never like. No matter how many times we say we will never make the same mistakes again, at some time or another we always seem to go in a circle. Eventually we either fall off the hamster wheel and break our neck or we fly like a bird.

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