Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Two of a Kind

Last week I posted an email that was sent to me second hand by a guy I had started chatting with on an online dating site. Prior to receiving the message from the roommate I was thinking this guy seemed like a great catch. (If I've lost you - read the blog titled "Disclosure") Successful, funny, good looking and adventurous. Basically everything I am looking for if I was in the market for a relationship. (Which I still am) Of course I think this about 3 out of 5 guys every day online.
But, after reading the email it wasn't what the roommate wrote that shocked me so much, but rather what the guy wrote. There were a few lines that made me think there might be truth and reason for the date to be pissed off. But, what really puzzled me was why I had been the chosen recipient of the hilarious rant.
There was mention to a fancy sports car and a "super cool" home. Seemed more like the roommate and/or date were jealous, but then again maybe that was the point of him showing off his assets. A Honda would have worked just as well for transportation and probably would have saved gas money. But, I highly doubt an Accord would have the same "wow" factor of a Maserati or the chick magnet feature. So to say that you bought it just for the quality and craftsmanship is a lie.
Which got me thinking about material possessions and why as a society we are so money obsessed. Why are women willing to max out their credit cards to own the latest designer "it" bag or be a walking billboard for a brand? Is this any different that a man buying a flashy car or a big house?
First impressions will get you in the door. But, what happens when someone calls your bluff?

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