Monday, August 15, 2011

Everything Ain't What It Seems

You will come to realize nothing lasts forever. Tomorrow is not a guarantee. Friends will disappear when you need them the most. Strangers will become acquaintances and if you allow people into your life you might be happily surprised when they help mend a broken heart.
Jump out of a plane. Fly across the country on a whim. Let the world gently guide you. But, remember this doesn't allow the words of those around you to change your future.
You will fall down more often than not. You will love and be loved. You will be disappointed at times and it's more likely that you will fail miserably than reach the top.
Be open to change. Be open to the unknown. Don't follow your heart if it only gets you buried alive. Follow your dream even if everyone bets against you. One day you will wake up and be laughing.

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