Wednesday, November 23, 2011


While searching for love I found a beautiful person. This person was pretty/handsome, smart, accomplished, sweet, and with a great heart. This person taught me that love is pure and that it can be found in so many ways. This person also taught me that living with it is much better than living without it. That life is so much easier when you have Love around you and in yourself.
This person told me not to give up, and if I fall to just get back up and keep on going, even though it might hurt sometimes, it is alright.

Never imagined at this stage of my life that I would feel this way about love. That I would finally know what it means to love and to be in love, like I've never been before. Maybe I'm just letting my heart speak for myself, but this person told me that our brains may not be able to comprehend this level of emotions that we can experience so deeply in ourselves.
I wish love would be the dictator of our lives, but then again, I'm just wishing. I thank this beautiful person for the teachings that I have learned, I give thanks with my own life because thanks to love, I've discovered that this person was me all along and thanks to love I found myself..

Always have faith and confidence in yourself, and believe that you’re the only one strong enough to overcome anything and everything that may occur in your life.

Love Bites Guest Writer

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