Friday, November 25, 2011


The thought of the person of my dreams made me enter into a trance of passion and love that once in it, my mind, body and soul didn’t want to leave. Wanting more and more each time and craving for the love and caring that he brought, was like getting lost in a dream, in a fairytale. The smell of his skin lingering on mine, making me long for the embrace and warmth of this his body pressing hard against mine.

Thinking and thinking I noticed that I was losing control and losing myself for someone that didn’t exist. That wasn’t real since this was all a dream that once awaken from it, it was all going to be gone. Leaving me on my own, realizing that “me” is all I need..

Don’t ever get caught up to the point of losing yourself for someone even if it might seem right at the moment, because when losing yourself, you’re losing everything and the main reason that someone loved you in the first place.

Love Bites Guest Writer

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