Saturday, November 26, 2011

Don't Forget Me

Is it possible to forget someone or something you love so much? I wish it was. Although I believe that some people may be able to, it is really hard. I wish I would never feel forgotten, be forgotten, and of course, I wish I would never make anybody feel that way either.

During our busy lives we tend to forget that just a simple "Hi" can make a difference in somebody else’s world/life. And even though I rather forget right now, I'm not strong enough to do so. But I know that eventually it does happen and we’re all able to get our peace of mind.

If I ever made anybody feel forgotten, or hurt anybody, I'm sorry. But at the same time, here I am again, at your reach.
If you love me enough, or I love you enough, there will be no need for explanations; it will be just a simple "Hi" again.

Let's make sure we don't forget the love or friendship there once was. Forgetting the past and moving forward always helps to have a clear mind and being able to start over.

Love Bites Guest Writer

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