Tuesday, July 12, 2011

When It Rains, It Pours

Feast or famine. Isn't that always the case? It seems that the second you move on with your life the past starts knocking on your door. Which isn't a bad thing considering my new company. I would have liked a heads up and some breathing room, but it's all good and even though I am well aware that by tomorrow I could be off the guest list again I am enjoying the party while it lasts.
So last week when I temporarily ran away to the golden state I had a drink with an intriguing stranger at the end of the bar. Absolutely gorgeous man looks like Enrique Iglesias, I'll call him Summer Catch (thanks V). Of course he lives thousands of miles from me, but thanks to technology we haven't stopped talking.
Last night during yet another gypsy adventure I found myself in an unfamiliar place and state. As I sat at the bar sandwiched in between couples I wondered what was next in this epic journey and just then I got a text from Summer Catch. I was on cloud nine. He likes me, he really likes me. Then this morning it started raining men. I woke up to an email from an ex who last month emailed me out of the blue after a year of not speaking to say he had finally found "the one" and was getting married. I congratulated him and questioned why he cared so much about my martial status when he was supposedly about to get hitched. This morning's email was again asking about my martial status. Paradise isn't so lovely after all. Go figure and my BFF emails me to tell me about gossip related to a different ex. Which had I heard it last week I would have been crushed, but now I'm actually happy for him. Then as I'm driving home I literally almost drove into the first ex on the road. Lucky me for remembering license plates and makes and models of old flames vehicles. But, I ended the day with a message from the latest flavor of the month so all is good.

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