Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Well, it's been quite some time since writing on the blog. It's not that I don't have much to write about, it's that I, too want to be somewhat private about my life. I first wrote on this site in hopes to tell my side of the dating nightmares, but somehow I was judged and my stories (whether true or not) were read and lead to a few relationships ending before truly getting started.
What if: you met someone, got along great, found you had so much in common, and things seemed great....but then they were able to read into your past? Your failed relationships, things you wrote in confidence in hopes to help someone? but somehow your past ruined your possible future? Let me ask...If everyone you met had a handbook of everything they once did, whom they dated, and past history (good & bad), their likes/dislikes were all right there for you to see, would you read before giving them a chance? We all have skeletons in our closets, and some of our closets are walk-ins, but do you really tell someone everything? Doubtful, but in time, you can slowly tell your stories and adventures if the time is right. Well, here's where I am today...You will never know if what I write is completely true, or written for shock factor. You will never know the "real me". If you want to know "me", than get to know "me"! I met someone and hit it off right away, but there were a few warning signs I should have paid attention to. Or should I have never spoken to a reader whom had a crush on my words on the screen? Well, I shared the "real me" with her, and this is where the mistakes began. Her and I began chatting about our adventures in dating and from writing, we exchanged numbers, then the "likes" on our facebook posts, to the photo comments and so on. We got to a point in which we just had to meet face to face to see if the connection behind the screens and phones were a reality, or just some lustful thoughts. We did eventually meet, hit it off great and began seeing each other on a different level. Yes, it was more than words, texts, and voices. She was beautiful, funny, smart, and it SEEMED we were on the same level. Here's where things got tricky : She told all of her friends about the "real me" and the "writer" me. What happens? her friends read the blog from day one (not knowing if what I wrote were facts of fiction) and told her she must read everything before seeing me again. The calls dropped off, the texts slowed, and the other signs were right there for me to see. She must have read something she just couldn't handle. It took her about a week to get the courage to let me know she read it. She was shocked!! Had I changed from the person she met? NO!! I was the same person she confided in and told me deep, dark secrets of her friends and family. I just find the statement "misery loves company" so true!! Her best friend was sleeping with a married man who recently dumped her, and she just couldn't go through the difficulty of knowing she wasn't wanted by a man who could commit to her, so she turned to whom she "thought" was her best friend. Why I find this whole story so funny is that the woman I was getting along great with, hated this guy her friend was with (when she was single) but when her friend was away, that kitten would play. She actually slept with him on a few occasions, and told her best friend she didn't like him because he was a jerk,but the reality is that it was tough seeing them together. Now it seems I am the "jerk" for not noticing the problems of these types of women. Some people have no idea who their friends truly are. I on the other would never hook up with a buddies friend and then be able to look them in the eye. I'm guessing one or the other will not be truly happy without each other, but this blog may help them to free the demons within. They are both readers, and I'm sure this will arise many questions of their pasts, but perhaps they will learn that if your friend is happy, leave them (and their boyfriend) the fuck alone!! and maybe they will find someone who likes them, and not try to break up happy homes. Sweet dreams :)
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