Thursday, July 14, 2011

Balancing Out the Ghost

Wow. I didn't realize it had been so long since I had written I too am spending my time living life.
Last you all read about me was that it didn't work out with this guy. Our differences had created a barrier. Well not long after I wrote that blog he decided to not allow a barrier to exist. After all, what if this person is the person that you end up spending the rest of your days with. Happy and in love. But you allowed the fear of the possibility of being hurt again stop you. There was never any denying the attraction between us. A blind man could see it. But with so many differences between us you couldn't help but wonder how could it work?
Right now he is in Italy visiting his family. He has been there for almost 7 weeks now. 3 more to go. Its not the easiest "official" beginning to a relationship, but keep in mind that we had been seeing each other for about 6 months before we made it official. This time apart physically is showing us how much we mean to each other emotionally. It is proving to be an important time for us. I must say Thank God for technology though. We are in contact with each other every day. Whether its text messages, emails, phone calls or skype. We have not gone a day without talking to each other. The time difference is a bit of a pain in the butt. When I am getting up in the morning he is going to bed. When I am finishing work he is getting up in the morning. Although we are on different sides of the world the constant contact at times makes me feel like he could just be at home. That he really isn't that far away.
I have started to learn Italian. Not a class or anything, but I throw a CD on in my car, or learn a word to put in a text, or by translating words from his messages. Our differences have now become assets. He is looking forward to teaching me Italian and scuba diving and maybe next year showing me Italy. I look forward to taking him to football games, theme parks and experiencing all things Australian.
I believe in Karma. Maybe this gorgeous man who has come into my life and opened my eyes to so many things is karma's way of balancing out the ghost who broke my heart.
Aussie Gal

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