Saturday, July 23, 2011

Life Well Lived

From the beginning of the blog, we have all shared stories of lust, love, newfound relationships, and lost loves. Today I have written a little something different to allow people to understand my thought process a little better. I have said over and over how I almost always get what I want. It isn't anything about being cocky or arrogant; on the other hand, I do whatever it takes to achieve my happiness. I take risks most wouldn't even think about, but second-guessing is not in my nature. I have lived an eventful life and done many things some could only dream about. I have been asked, "What would you do, if you could do anything?" I pondered that question for a while and honestly...I don't have too much I would want to do that I haven’t done already. Without having it all and loosing it, you wouldn't respect what you once had. Many have questioned my answers to these types of questions, but after reading this, you can see for yourself why I made the recent decisions I have made. Last week I filed a "do not resuscitate" or "DNR" (a legal order written either in the hospital or on a legal form to respect the wishes of a patient to not undergo CPR or advanced cardiac life support if their heart were to stop or they were to stop breathing. This request is usually made by the patient or health care power of attorney and allows the medical teams taking care of them to respect their wishes).

In order for you to understand my decision, I have written a few reasons as to "why”:

I have lived in over 7 different countries including Africa, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Germany, Hawaii and a few others I don't really remember. I have been on a REAL safari, been chased by the most venomous snakes in the world (black/green momba), actually seen "monkey in a high chair" (Google this), had a few local monkeys as friends, eaten with a few presidents (U.S and others), killed a king cobra, as well as drank his blood/venom mixture (a ritual performed after the snake loses to the mongoose in the black market. Known to give supernatural powers to anyone, for life). Seen people hung and killed in the streets (during a coup), met real tribe members, had black magic, voodoo, and Santeria curses put upon me, ridden a elephant, camel, stallion, emu, donkey, turtle and a few big girls I'd rather not talk about Hahaha j/k. I have caught and eaten my own food from all around the world, been in numerous natural disasters (hurricanes, typhoons, monsoons, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and sand storms) and even a few bombing attacks and shootings. I have learned over 4 languages (while living there, but forgot now). I have seen that money does grow on trees (depending what type you grow and sell), broken numerous bones (told I would never walk the same again), won over 25 gold, silver, and bronze medals, was in the Olympics and took home Gold and bronze for the U.S, had a few hole-in-one's, rolled a few perfect strikes, ridden or driven about everything known to man, and have owned about 25% of them. Had over a million dollars of assets at the age of 25, lost $250,000 in one day, and made $150,000 in a day as well. Money is SHIT!! It comes and goes...Some "try" to impress me with it, but once you've had it, it doesn’t impress me much. In no way am I trying to brag, I am just trying to point out the reasons for my recent decisions. This list could go on for months, and my stories are plentiful. I have been in a commercial, on live TV, met many famous people, tried some drugs, sold some drugs, grew some pot, got straight A's in school, got some F's as well, got arrested, been to jail, passed the test to become a cop (but didn't want to because it wasn't me), only had one job since high school, been successful and well as not, owned many pets, done 90% of dares put upon me, out ran a cop in a corvette (as well as a mustang), been surfing, white water rafting, cliff diving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, sky diving, flew a plane, raced numerous boats, been 124 mph on the water, been 170 mph on the road, swam with sharks( wrestled a few as well), fell 100 ft from a tree and didn't break a bone (branches broke my fall), seen a live birth, saw someone die, been paid for sex, paid for sex, had threesomes (not as good as they sound), dated sisters, as well as twins, flew to a different state for lunch, been to another country on a boat, been hit by lightening on a plane, lost an engine on a plane as well. Met the astronauts who died when the space shuttle exploded (on my flight a few days before), saw OJ Simpson with a glove on and it fit (cooking some BBQ at his house), had a private tour of the White House, been chased by a bear, seen beetles a foot long, and stung my numerous insects. Swam with wild dolphins and manatees, been in love, lost loved ones.
I have done so much and if things ended for me tomorrow, I can really say I lived a satisfied life. Many have questioned me recently, wondering why I have been a little down, but if you stood in my shoes, you would know I am complete! I don't need, or want too much more than what I have done in my past. So when you say it is impossible for me to have checked off everything on my "bucket list" already, you are correct! But not sure if the white picket fence, the kids, and the mini-van are what I need. If you still don't understand my decisions or choices, go ahead and ask me more...I’m sure either I’ve done it, or I'm not interested.
Its not that I want something to happen to me, it's just that I am 90% complete and not too much that I haven’t done. Some may never understand, but others may. It all depends on your thoughts on success and fulfillment.
The Man

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