Monday, June 6, 2011

We're Off To See The Wizard

Life is just one continuous moment; past & future are only concepts of our mind. The question then is, when it’s all said & done, was the majority of your life spent alive in the moment? OR where you already dead in the past and future?

A part of me feels like we've failed. Each month we write less and our focus has spiraled in many odd directions these days. Some might say this is a great thing, because it means we are enjoying our lives now and not obsessing over events that happened in the past. For the most part this observation is accurate. Life goes on and circumstances change. But, to paint this picture of bliss would be a lie. Life while different than last year is far from ideal.
Priorities have shifted and the hours of the day have been divided in new ways. We have come to realize that not all thoughts or emotions should be written down in this forum. Especially when the words are misunderstood and spun into tales that never existed.
Our true friends have stayed with us for better or worse and we are forever grateful. There are a lot of fakes in the world and when life gets complicated all of a sudden they can't be found. The competition of one upping is the only connection left and even after all the pillow fights and harsh words they haven't got a clue.
Perhaps it's the passive aggressive nature that bugs others. Maybe the truth hurts and certain nameless folk are super sensitive and afraid of pushing buttons. Maybe the truth we once naively believed was never real off screen.
The best motto for life is Nike's "Just Do It!" If you don't you might be kicking yourself years later. Follow the serendipitious yellow brick road...

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