Tuesday, June 7, 2011

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

These days I don't have too much to write about, so I figured why not touch upon a few things I'm sure we have all experienced a time or two (or perhaps even now). Ever met that guy or girl you just can't get enough of, but it seems you are the only one feeling this? But yet you still hang out, do things together and enjoy their company? What do they have that we want so badly to be accepted, or to have them for our mate? Is it the fact that they lead us on to a point of confusion? or the fact that we really don't want to know the answer to whether they "really" like us more than that. Or sometimes it is too soon to ask these types of questions without being called "crazy" or sounding kinda stalker-like.

Let's face it, we have all liked someone more than they liked us at one point or another. What we do about it is up to us. There becomes a point in which we need answers to these questions in our heads. First let's evaluate a little about ourselves...

If you have felt that any of these situations apply to your own relationship review this quick checklist to see some of the most typical points of view from those who observe this kind of behavior:

1.I always or often speak only about the things my partner is interested in.
2.I always or often only talk about my partner.
3.All or most of the things I do for fun I do with my partner.
4.All or most of things I do for fun are because of my partner.
5.If I look around my home I see little or no sign of my own taste.
6.When spending money on frivolous items they are usually for my partner.
7.My partner does most of the talking when we are together.
8.I do not often tell my partner how I feel.
9.My partner does not usually notice when something is bothering me.
10.My partner never or does not often compliment me.
11.I never feel happy/I only feel happy when my partner is giving me attention.
12.I have little or no interests outside of my relationship.
13.My partner does not often or never gives me gifts that are only for me.
14.My friends and/or family think that I have changed a lot since entering my relationship for the worse.
15.My other relationships have weakened since entering the one with my partner.
16.When asked what I want I usually look at my partner.
17.I no longer resemble who I was when I met my partner.
18.I tend to think of my partner before I ever think of myself.
19.I dress in the way my partner prefers even if I do not.
20.I no longer know what makes me, me.

If you find that any of these statements are true it might be a sign that either you need change your relationship, or you need to break it off. Enduring this kind of life is not healthy nor does it have much of a chance of making you happy. It is possible that your partner did not mean to become the dominant presence in your relationship and if brought to their attention they might be eager to help you become a stronger person. There are many different ways in which a person who finds themselves in this situation can change things, try to figure out what works best for you and take the necessary steps to make your life better.

Trust those who know you best: Outside of your relationship it is good to have at least one person with whom you can be honest and trust completely. Asking this person how they view your relationship and the changes that have occurred during the time you've been in it can be an excellent way to gain the insight required for change.Without taking steps to reconstruct yourself in happier, healthier way you may never be able to enjoy life in or out of your relationship. Though it can be difficult to muster the courage to change your life, the knowledge that a happier you could exist might give you the strength need to take action. Good luck and much strength to all of you who are brave enough to take on the challenge.

We as human beings are constantly searching for acceptance from others while neglecting to find it within ourselves. I happen to think that one is truly never happy, until he/she finds peace within themselves. Love life, shed light, & the rest will follow. Our minds are so incredibly powerful & we utilize so little of it. At the core, our hearts are pure yet many times we are afraid to feel it!
The Man

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