Monday, June 6, 2011

Breaking Up Is Never Easy

There have been some recent comments on the FB page which have
prompted this blog. It all goes back to dealing with the end of a
relationship that was not expected. When you thought that everything
was going great and then it's over.
When my ghost ended our marriage and treated me like I didn’t exist in
person he still felt the need to be nasty towards me on FB. He had to
make the snide remarks. Had to “Like” things like “Is that my Ex. No
it’s the biggest mistake of my life”, “Do you ever look at your ex and
think that’s the biggest mistake of my life” etc. We had a lot of
mutual friends and they all saw these things. I think this was his
way of bad mouthing me to everyone who he couldn’t do it in person to.
The path that I took was different. I moved away and started a new
life. I looked at all the positives. Kept a positive view. Looked
at where this new change in life could take me. And take a guess at
who everyone saw as being the ass in the situation.
When a relationship goes bad there is nothing wrong with venting. It
is part of the healing process. But there are the correct venues.
The people who you trust, who are your best friends. They are the
people who will understand you and agree with everything you say.
They will be the people who will hurt with you. And they will be the
people who will help you heal. Hold your head up high. Be the bigger
person. Deal with your pain with those that will help you. Don’t be
the ass that bad mouths in public. Because you never know whats going
to be thrown back at you…..
Aussie Gal

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