Sunday, December 18, 2011

Have You Heard?

2011 taught me that Love is just another 4 letter word, promises mean nothing, ambition comes at a heavy cost & death never gets easier. It also showed me the power of love, kindness & loyalty that strangers hold. I am forever grateful for the anonymous and not so anonymous souls that helped in the evolution of Love Bites.

Originally, Love Bites was started to make peace with an unfinished past. At the time, it felt like the footprints of once best friends were permanently tattooed on our heart, and although life continued on without missing a beat the words once spoken were not forgotten. Eventually we came to the conclusion that the only way to forget was to change the ending -- and in the process to liberate others to make a stand for what they believe is right. We had no grand ideas or expectations, but the more we wrote and exposed our personal life, the more we forgot about the bittersweet ending. By doing so, we have become a piƱata for some and a source of inspiration for others.

Over the course of the last year we have made new friends and lost once-familiar faces. Not everyone has embraced our views on certain events or our opinions on life and love. But through our writing, we have liberated ourselves and found that the path less traveled is pretty freaking amazing. With our new-found voice, we no longer feared the unknown and began to draw outside the lines -- not only with our words, but with our love of brazen apparel. With this mindset, we started to create a line of clothing that not only was an expression of our current state of mind, but was memorable and funny.

After months of hype, we are super excited to announce that our online clothing store is finally open for business. Like our writing, Share the Love clothing is an extension of our inner wild child -- bold, edgy and mysterious. We hope you will Share the Love for our new love, too. Shop the collection at

Now that Share the Love clothing is finally open, we can once again focus our attention to our blog, Love Bites. Which in the months to follow will be getting an extreme makeover to transform into a edgy & interactive online magazine, filled with all the things we Love. Suggestions on topics are welcome. Stay tuned for more details..

Once again, thank you for being a follower of our humble blog and we hope a loyal customer of Share the Love clothing too. We hope you will keep following the evolution and permanent reminder of a life once lived.

Happy holidays y'all!!

No promise on what will happen after this.

With Love,

Have you heard? Our online clothing store is finally open for business.

Alive with fun and vibrant designs, each piece of Share the Love clothing stands alone, marked by individuality, a colorful appeal and a cheeky sense of humor. In keeping with our edgy and bold message, and inspired by our love of Miami, WWW.SHARETHELOVECLOTHING.COM is the sister wild child to Love Bites.

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