Saturday, December 17, 2011

Blame Game

How can you trust and fall for someone that has never done anything for you and has not gone out of their way for you? I did, and did plenty for that someone. Gave my friendship, my love, my everything. Not asking for anything in return other than honesty and friendship. Did I get it? No, didn't get a thing. What I got was just realization that this someone didn't appreciate or wanted me in his life. Was I used? No! I did what I did for him because I wanted to, and because I am that giving and caring person. We can't blame others for the choices we make ourselves. Was it worth getting my heart broken for this? Absolutely!! Every single thing we do in our lives is worth it. Life and love are worth it, even if we don't get tht love back.

All we need to do is keep on moving forward and listen to our heart, since our heart is what makes us who we are and in our heart is where we can find exactly what we need. Our deepest desires.

Just like that; our heart holds the key to everything and anything.

So follow and listen to your heart; there's nothing better to know about life than that. Follow and listen to your heart; before it tells you good bye.

Love Bites Guest Writer

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