Monday, September 12, 2011

Juggling Act

The model arrives in town, we meet and a connection was made. I was committed to having a somewhat stranger live with me, for who knows how long. I never asked about how long she would stay. I assumed it was just for the weekend, or a week...but to my suprise she didn't leave for a month!!! The first couple days were great! Then I started freaking out! I have a stranger living in my house! I had no idea she would stay that long. Well, I had to suck it up, and make the best of it. The same time, the "other" texts/calls me every once and a while. The hiding/avoiding getting caught was crazy! But I pulled it off!....or so I thought.

Here's where it gets even better....... The "other" decides she is driving back, instead of flying. So guess what??? She buys me a ticket to drive back with her. Hahahhahaa!!! Holy Shit! How am I gonna pull this one off? I'm no pro at lying, but I did pretty well for a last minute thing. I was now a "Transporter" whom, on the weekends, drives cars for a dealer across the U.S. LMAO!!! I explained "I needed the extra money and do this on the weekends"

So here's the tricky part.....I fly to Chicago to drive the "other" back, while some stranger is at my house. I fly out and meet the "other". I needed to return ASAP but can't really let her know about "my dad" is flying into town, I say. She buys it and we head back to Miami. I am fuckin nuts! I have someone I barely know at my house, and I'm driving across the US with another. I was somewhat amused at this. Crazy? Yea, I know!!

Well, I became a pro... calls were made at every rest stop to confirm everything was ok, and the "other" thinking my dad arrives the following day. 23 hours later, we arrive in Miami. Now I had thought of this prior to leaving: Park car at airport so she doesn't have to go to your house (I'm a fricken genius lol) Well, that was great, until...."come sleep with me tonight, it's been a while since I've seen you" comes out of her mouth. CRAP!!! Ok, but I need to leave early in the morning. Plan worked perfectly! or so I thought..... The week went by, and the "other" wanted to see me over the weekend. I told her I had plans with my father, but as I could see, she was on to me. She wanted to meet him, and even offered to swing by my house for a minute. Ummm..... Sorry but I'll try to see you next weekend. I had to keep them both happy (which was tough!) but I managed to do ok.

As the weeks passed, I pulled off the impossible and was suprised at the outcome. I had grown attached to how trusting both of them were. I actually felt like shit! It was exciting and all, but it wasn't me. I'm no player! I am always honest and I really began to grow feelings for both.

Now what would I do? I have one who lives close (super cool and a lot of fun) and the other (whom lives hours away, and is still legally married). My thought procees has been running wild, too many tough decisions to make....If I decide the far one, there will be no "dating process", she would have to move in (HUGE STEP), or continue doing what I've always done with the other... Well, the choice was made for me. The "other" (close one) decided I didn't have enough time for her and began dating. The young one is in the divorce process and must remain up north until everything settles, but do I want to take this type of step? Hmm.....(to be continued)
The Man

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