Monday, September 12, 2011


It sure has been a while since my last blog. I just lost motivation in writing about myself and putting my life out there to be judged, but perhaps with the new addition of "Queen of mean", (whom I just love after I read her response to an idiot) things will get a lil' spicy again. I first must say welcome to the inner circle of Love Bites, and let's bring on some stories to help get this page rolling again.

Where have I been? what have I been up to? Ha! well....many of you know I'm the type to take extreme risks for happiness.I have always lived with the motto "live live to the fullest, with nothing left unanswered". Here goes a few more adventures to add to them. As many of you know, I am on a few dating sites(as some of you have tried as well), and I work it like a mad-man! I think some days I put more hours into that, than my real job. Do I have an addiction with it? Perhaps, but like I always said before "I tend to get what I want". Some could call me a player, but others realize the difficulties of finding what they want, don't want, and what they could be happy with. Generally my happiness is momentary and then I find the flaws that I have had in the past, I know I don't want that again. So let me bring on some stories.

Months ago I met someone online, and we were chatting for a while. We then took the next step and exchanged numbers. We met and hit it off right away. (This almost always happens with me, if I find her attractive). I'm not cocky, I am just extremely lucky I guess. Trust me, if I knew how I did it, I would bottle it, and sell it on E-bay all day long. I really have no idea what it is about me that brings this attraction to some women, but I ain't complaining.

So we "dated" for a bit (mostly drunken nights) and not too much otherwise. It wasn't a "keeper" type, but it filled my time perfectly, and was just what I needed til the right one came along. We never stated we were "dating" and pretty much just did one night a week. There were no "I want more, I love you, can we bring to another level" we had an "unspoken understanding". Now with this said, I liked her! She never asked for more, or pushed the relationship. She allowed it to remain how it was. This is a big thing for me.

Usually women push and push for more, and I tend to walk, then run away. Please, look for these signs/signals if you want a long-lasting relationship. Just let things happen it their natural order. No need to rush or push anything. I believe if more women would act less emotional, they would have less problems with relationships lasting only a few weeks. Too many times Ive entered into a relationship, and within weeks, sometimes days, I get the "stalker side" (the one who calls and calls wondering where you are), or the "jealous one" who constantly thinks you're up to no good. Caring about what someone is doing is one thing, but constant questioning pushes most of us away. Oops, I'm rambling... ok so back to her.

Things were great (for me), she was only in town a few weekends a month, and didn't really want too much more than what she was getting. She had an up-coming business event that was going to keep her out of town for a month, or my thinking was...I kinda want someone to have fun with while she was gone. I headed back to my trusty sites, and began chatting. Within a day or two, I found someone to fill her void. A beautiful 20-something model whom was recently seperated. She lived about 9hrs away so driving wasn't an option to meet. Chats became more and more, as the trust levels were built. One night, as I was about to fall asleap, she texted to say "I can't wait any longer to meet you, I booked a ticket to see you". WHOA!!! that was pretty cool! I didn't even have to come outta pocket. LOL Plans were set, and the ball was rolling. The "other" was headed out of town, and this one was arriving a few days later. I couldnt have asked for more... or so I thought! Here's where my risk-taking gets crazy....
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