Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mr. Nice Guy

    Wow... It's been ages hasn't it? I've been meaning to write something but I guess I just never make the time for it. Here's a little something to get my entrance back into the blog happening.

   So it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. It’s been a long time since any of us have. I guess we’ve all been loved up recently. So my update. The last time I blogged was when I met Mr Nice Guy. Well it’s still going. And going great guns. Here we are about to enter our ninth month together. And I’ve moved in with him. We have been inseparable for the last four months or so. So it made sense. In the beginning I kept my wall up. It was stronger than after my divorce. After the Italian ended things because of his commitment fears I was determined to protect myself from ever being hurt again. I mean could you blame me?

    My marriage ended because of an unfaithful husband who couldn’t even be man enough to tell me the reason why he was ending it. And the first guy I could be close to after that ends our 12 month relationship via email at 4pm on New Years Eve because he is afraid of commitment. Happy effin New Years!!! Then along comes Mr Nice Guy (Lets call him D from now on cause I’m not typing that every time I refer to him…lol). My hat goes off to his mother for raising such a well mannered respectful guy. No doubt he had his moments growing up as every boy does. But to then to become the man that you mother wanted you to become is rare… well except for the fact that he doesn’t call her as much as she would like… I think it took a couple of months before there was any movement of my wall.

    It was a sturdy thing. But once I got that feeling that I could trust this guy and he understood why it was there it didn’t take too long before it had dropped completely.  The Italian didn’t help. Yeah he had ended it. But it didn’t take long before he started sending texts and emails. Saying what a mistake he had made. He worked out that he had commitment issues due to his parents and upbringing. He would send messages mainly on Friday and Saturday nights when he thought I would be somewhere possibly meeting someone new.

    What he was trying to do was make sure that I kept thinking about him and therefore I wouldn’t be able to move on. He even drove to my parent’s place an hour away to put a letter in their mailbox apologizing for what had happened. He showed up at work one day. I had already told him that I was with someone else. He left a letter basically saying that if this new relationship didn’t mean much then come back to him. And that he would be waiting for me when it finished.

    So lets come back to D. Any guy who buys you an awesome pair of Iron Fist shoes for your birthday gets a tick. Lol. But he did wait for the wall to come down. Very patiently. He’s very good at reading people and I think he saw it dropping before I realized. I only just realized recently that I have the same kind of relationship with him that I do with my best friend… except with more. And another plus is that he’s encouraging with my writing. He’s a photographer so he has that creative side. He’s at work at the moment but still told me I should write while he’s gone. But instead of working on a novel I thought that it’s well overdue to get this blog back on and poppin!!!!!

 Aussie Gal